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Taipei 101

TaipeiTaipei 101 is world’s tallest building situated in the city of Taipei, capital of Taiwan. It has 101 floors as the name suggests and was built in between 1999and 2003. Its height is 1671 ft. It was built by KTRT joint venture. It is also popularly known as Taipei Financial Centre. It is typically Chinese construction and has been constructed with the help of Fengshui. It has eight tiers of eight stories. Eight number is known to bring financial prosperity and growth according to Fengshui. This tower has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Apart from having 101 floors above the ground, it has five floors under the ground. The construction of entire building costs $ 1,760,000,000. This building is very famous for the largest countdown clock for the New Year’s Eve. Apart from being the tallest building in Taipei, it succeeded the Petronas Tower as the tallest building in the World. However, in 2005 Burj Dubai replaces Taipei 101 as the World’s tallest building when it constructed its 141st floor. Burj Dubai is still under-construction and is expected to be completed in 2008.

A Chinese pagoda can be found in the towers. This is a traditional symbol denoting the link between the sky and the earth. A ruyi figure is seen on the eight tiers of the tower. All the ruyi figures are eight feet tall. The lights on the antenna undergo a change according to the day of the week. A Fengshui fountain has been created at the foot of the tower. This fountain induces positive energy. The Tower has been created in such a way that it is protected against any natural calamities.

A damper has been installed which is a 662 metric ton steel pendulum. It protects the building against any strong winds. The tower has an exterior of bluish glass walls and are constructed in such a way that they are UV and heat-resistant. The tower can bear the damage of eight tons.



TapeiTaipei 101 is basically a business centre which also provides recreation. That is why the internet connectivity in this tower is up to the mark. The elevators here function at the speed of 16.83 seconds. The technological innovation in these elevators is such that each elevator costs $2 million. This tower has two observatories where the people coming in can try out new cuisines. The tower is also a delight for the shopaholics as it has large variety of malls, restaurants and clubs to hang out. Although it boosts of some of the finest technologies but it also sticks to the Fengshui traditions.

Taipei 101 has two observatories. One is the outdoor observatory and the other is the indoor observatory. The indoor observatory is situated at the 89th floor and the outdoor observatory is 91st floor. The indoor one is accessible by the elevators and is a pleasant sight seeing experience. It gives access to the restaurants, clubs, malls as well as the damper. If you take the stairs from the 89th floor, you reach the outdoor observatory and get a view of the exterior areas of the building. However you can access Indoor observatory during the visiting hours, the trip to outdoor depends on the weather.


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