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Sears Towers

Sears TowersSears Towers which is located in Chicago, USA is the third largest building of the world. Before the construction of Petronas Towers, Malaysia, Sears was the largest tower of the world. It was constructed for four years from 1970 to 1974. It stands super tall at the height of 1450 ft and has 110 stories. The total height of the building increases with the height of the antennas and it stands tall at 1725 ft.  Its floor area is 4.56 million square feet and it has 16 double decker elevators which can accommodate 104 people at one go. This massive tower has been constructed by Skidmore firm for the company called Sears, Roebuck and Company. The tower weighs 222,500 tons.

This tower was originally build to house the 350, 000 employees of Sears, the then the largest retailer in the world. It was decided that they would rent out the remaining space which was left idle after housing the huge army of the employees. The rest of space would be rented out to law firms as well as banking firms. Keeping this aspect in mind the size of the floor was small which helped in constructing a skyscraper. This also lent an attractive exterior to the building. After the completion of the tower, it eventually surpassed the World Trade Centre in New York. The total construction charges of this tower were $175 million. The tower is held by squared shaped tubes which have floors suspended in it. This is one of the technological innovations by the architect. It was devised especially for this tower. It has an exterior look black aluminum and bronzed cut glass with black bands.

Sears TowersHowever Sears faced huge losses when retail magnates over took his place to the throne and had to shut down the firm. However Sears Tower, after lying vacant for sometime was handed over to the City of Chicago and now is the address to some of the elite banking firms, aw firms and 100 odd offices. It has 160 car executive car parking. 

To attract the tourists, an observation deck has been opened on the 103rd floor of the tower. It provides a pretty view on a windy day. One can look at the pristine beauty of Lake Michigan. Sears Tower has been a backdrop in lot of Hollywood movies as well as Tele series.
The interesting fact about antenna is that its color changes according to the festive season. The people having their offices in this tower can also get the lightning done according to their company’s color with some extra cost. The tower has seven restaurants. The bathrooms on the skydeck of the tower are boosted to be the highest bathrooms in the world at the height of 1353ft. It takes about 50 seconds to reach from the ground floor to the skydeck in the elevator.

Although Sears Tower is the third tallest building n the world, it remains the tallest building in North America and with its antennas, it boosts to be taller then even the tallest building, Petronas Towers.