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Russia Tower- Stated To Be The Tallest Tower In Europe

Russia tower modelRussia Tower is an under-construction skyscraper to be built in the Moscow city of Russia. Britain’s Norman Foster, the design architect for Russia Tower proposes that it will be the second tallest tower in the world. The building plans were released in March 2006. The estimated height is to be around 2,000 feet. It will be among the tallest building in Europe. The tower will cover an area of around 128 acres of land. More than 30% of which, will be an underground construction.

The proposed plan of Russia Tower will be fully constructed in the year 2012. The number of floors to be designed is about 120 to 130 along with 101 elevators. The exact number of floors is yet to be decided in the final design. There will also be an underground parking for cars and other vehicles. It will be large enough to accommodate 3680 vehicles. The first floor will be used for business purposes like shops and offices. The Russia Tower is said to be strong enough to hold 25,000 individuals at a same time. The construction will start in the year 2007, though the proposal to build this huge structure was permitted way back in 1994. The position of the tower in the plan has changed minimum 4 to 5 times since then. It was originally conceived that the building will be of 1000m in height, but this idea was rejected by the Moscow mayor. It is to be built on the ‘Krasnopresnenskoy Embankment’. It is a prestigious project by the ST Group.

The Russia tower is stated to be 50% more in height than the Empire State Building.  Russia TowerIt will outshine the 430 m Federation Tower also under construction in Moscow city itself. The Russia Tower comprises of three blade-like designs that tapers towards the top of the structure. Like a virtual vertical city, this tower will have parking and commercial space on nine of its underground levels, apart from a luxurious hotel, offices, residential apartments and an observation deck on the top of the tower. It is meant to be a nature friendly project, with lots of natural ventilation and lighting systems, rain water harvesting and the use of solar cells will be other eco friendly features. Recycling of energy is an important aspect that has been taken into focus; this sets an example for many high-rise towers that are constructed to go the environment friendly way in harmony with nature. Many potted plants and private gardens will pave their way into the tower to give it a natural feel. Now isn’t that great! Some of these gardens will literally open out into the skies. The cost of construction is put down at around $ 1.5 billion in figures. Around 200 million dollars will be paid up by ST Group. Construction is still at initial stages, taking baby steps towards a giant goal.