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JP Morgan A Multifaceted Wonder!


JP morganJ P Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest multifaceted building in the globe. This 75 storied tower is also the tallest building in Texas with a height of 1002 feet. Built in Downtown Houston at Travis Street this tower was originally known as the ‘Texas Commerce Tower’. The spectacular tower was designed by renowned architects I.M. Pei & Partners.

It is the also the world’s tallest five-sided building. During the construction stage the original plan was for 80 stories but due to fear of creating a hindrance to the nearby Airport and planes, this plan was shelved. After the tower was completed it took over the Aon Center tower in Los Angeles as the tallest in that area. The office tower is made up of pale gray refined granites, steel and grey coloured glass. The west side of the tower has been cut off to form a five-sided formation. The western aspect of the tower is created by an 85 foot wide glass that soars to the full stature of the building. The tower is situated on a one-acre square land to create a huge civic space. The area is embroidered with ornate granite pavements, the exhaustive landscape is wonderful and there is also a water garden at the base of the building. JPMorgan Chase Tower is in close proximity to ‘JPMorgan Chase Center’, a twenty story affair with health club, garage and a data process center.

JP morganConnected to the Houston Tunnel System, J P Morgan forms a network of pedestrian pavement which links all the major twenty five city building blocks. The lobby of JP Morgan Chase is in harmony with the height of the tower and the doorway of ‘Jones Hall’. A five story glass wall with a stainless steel frame supports the entire 85 foot width of the frontal entry area. This makes the lobby airy and light, paving way to the plaza outside. The 60th floor houses the sky lobby, an observatory point of the building. This lobby is used as a public observatory deck and a transmit point for those traveling to the rest of the 60 to 75 upper floors. One gets a great lovely view of the city from the express elevator due to the broad glass spans. A sculpture designed by renowned sculpturer Joan Miro adorns the entrance of the building. The original owner was Mr. Hines who took care of the management of the tower and later the management shifted to Prime Asset Management.

JPMorgan Chase Tower has no less than 50 elevators, 6 of them are express elevators which reach the Sky Lobby, travelling at a speed of 1,000 feet per minute i.e. taking exactly 60 seconds from 1st floor to the 60th floor. The elevator cabinets are made up of stone and steel with a panel system of polished granite and stainless steel. The front panels have been improved both with respect to the code as well as the electrical system controls.



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