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Jin Mao Building


Jin Mao Building is situated in the Chinese capital city, Shanghai. It is a 88 story building and its name means Golden prosperity. It stands tall at 1380 ft. and is rated as the fifth largest building in the world after Sears Tower of Chicago. It has been built by Skidmore firm.

This building basically houses the offices as well as Shanghai’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. This building is situated in the elite area of Pudong district of shanghai which has another skyscraper called Oriental Pearl Tower. However Shanghai World Financial Centre is going to surpass Jin Mao and claim its place as the tallest building in China as well as fifth tallest building of the world in 2008.

Jim Mao like most of the Chinese buildings is modern as well as traditional in its architectural values. It has a pagoda in its building as well as the proportions of the building are associated with the number 8 which stands for prosperity according to Fengshui. Jin Mao is built upon an octagon concrete wall.

The structural engineering used to construct this building is such that it gives a protection against the typhoon of 200km/h as well as an earthquake of upto 7 ritcher scale. There is a swimming pool on the 57th floor of this building which is said to be a damper. The building has been made out of glass, stainless steel, aluminum, granite and has lattice work made out of aluminum alloy pipes. This building is currently owned by China Jin Group Co. Jin Mao requires a daily maintenance cost of $ 121,000.

 This building has total three entrances to it. Two for the office buildings and one reserved for the visitors of Hyatt. There is a podium with six floors for Hyatt’s banquet and conference hall. Additionally there is also a shopping mall, restaurants as well as nightclubs. Jin Mao has 3 floors in the basement which houses a food court, express elevators to reach observation desk and also a parking slot for 600 vehicles and 7500 bicycles. Apart from having 61 elevators, it has 19 escalators.


jin mao

Jin Mao’s main attraction is Shanghai Hyatt. It is a five star hotel with 555 rooms. It is between 53 and 87 floors. It is supposedly world’s highest hotel. However this claim will be made by Burj Al Dubai, once it is inaugurated and fully functional in 2008. This hotel has a jazz club, hotel, café; restaurants serving various cuisines like Cantonese, Japanese, Italian, etc.Shanghai Hyatt also has a gymnasium and a swimming pool on the 57th floor. Hyatt also has the world’s highest bar called Cloud 9 and a double decker mezzanine called the Sky Lounge. This is all on the 87th floor.


The observation desk is on the 88th floor. It is called the Skywalk which can house a 1000 odd people. Amazing thing about this observation desk is that it has a small post office. The 89-93 floors which form the spire are not open for public. They serve basically for mechanical purpose and illuminates white light in the night.



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