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Kobe International Business Center


Kobe International Business Center is one of the few multi-functional facilitiesKIBS which bring together many aspects of business under one roof. It has warehouse facility along with assembling and manufacturing space, there is a research and development department as well as several offices, all inside the same building. Thus research, production, sales, distribution of products and services, even their administration, everything is incorporated under Kobe International Business Center. Thereby commencement of business is a smooth process, and ideas turn into action in no time. For example finished goods or products can be evaluated at management level meetings or exhibited as a promotional strategy.  This sort of integration is very cost effective as it curbs expenditure, as less amount of finance is spent on rent, labour sources and management. The Kobe international business center is a part and parcel of Kobe enterprises, this makes the residents entitled for numerous incentives, for example grants in rental payments, etc. Moreover tenants will avail of new trade opportunities through the Kobe support center.

Kobe International Business Center is located in the Kobe Port Island which is a cultural city with modern business atmosphere; it is also a distribution center with the best port amenities. The island houses many fashion companies and technological units. The Kobe airport is under construction stages located towards the south-end of the island. It also has lots of residential areas with natural scenic and green environment. Thus the region around the Kobe international business center is highly developed both communally and technically, attracting many companies to invest in it.

Following are some of the exemplary features of Kobe International Business Center:

  • Excellent design of the building and external periphery gives a boost to the nearby areas and the city in general.
  • Lots of green spaces and a picturesque courtyard add up to its beauty.
  • Lobby includes recreational facilities like cafes and eatery joints.
  • The identity cards are used for added security reasons.
  • Strong construction in order to make it earthquake resistant.
  • Lighting systems and air-conditioners are operated through automatic sensors
  • Rainwater harvesting and utility of wastewater for flushing of toilets.
  • As it is situated in a Island, Kobe International Business Center can be prone to certain risk factors, therefore the materials used for external construction is highly resistant to damages as such done by salt water.


The incorporated mechanical gallery is a suitable place for air-conditioning canals and other wires, tubes, etc.  The tenant can avail of the variety of facilities to his own advantages. The fourth floor of the Kobe International Business Center has a common area that is utilized for many business purposes. Meetings, conferences, lectures and training sessions, even trade shows are held occasionally. There are removable and portable partitions which can be used to make small or large rooms as required. The first floor houses a relaxing café which can be used for informal gatherings and for meeting new clients or customers. Thus, every tenant or resident benefits from the modern functions and comfort zone of Kobe International Business Center.



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