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Eiffel Tower-Glory of Paris

Eiffel Tower situated in Paris, the capital of France is truly one of the wonders of the modern world. The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower built on Champs De Mars, near the River Siene in Paris, and must be at the top of any worlds tallest buildings list The tower was built by an engineer called Gustave Eiffel and has subsequently been named after him.

The tower was built between the period of 1887 and 1889 as a part of Exposition Universelle to celebrate French Revolution. This tower was used as an observation tower, Radio Broadcasting tower and as an Advertising Space but in the modern times it’s more as of a tourist attraction.  The whole tower weighs about 7300 tons. This tower has been named as one of the frequently visited tourists spot. The tower was created from 18, 038 pieces of iron.

The first and the second levels of this tower can be reached by lift as well as stairs. A ticket, available at the ticket booth near the south base of tower, is required to access these levels. To reach the third floor, ones needs to use lift. After this level one can sue steps or lift to reach the top. When using lift, an indication of the count of steps in given at every floor. The tower boosts of two restaurants called Altitude 95 on the first floor of the tower. Altitude 95 is more like a café and a hang out during the day whereas the other restaurant called Jules Verne is an expensive restaurant, highly frequented by the rich and famous and something to go during the evenings. Jules Verne is on the second floor and has a private lift connecting it. This elite restaurant boosts of one star in Michelin Red Guide.

Eiffel TowerA very surprising fact is that every seven years, it is painted, and 50 tons of brown paint is required to paint this structure. A different kind of palate is used to give a uniform color to the tower. The shape, when it was built was constructed in such a way that it could withstand the wind and storm and thus emerge as the highest tower in the world. Due to its height, the tower is a very good source of radio transmission. Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower has been a backdrop to lot of movies made in the Hollywood as well as the Bollywood. Some of the English movies that include this massive tower are A View to Kill( a James Bond Movie), Superman II, 28 Weeks Later. The Eiffel Tower is also shown in a tele series called Sex and The City. Recently an ice-skating rink was also installed in the first floor of the tower which is accessible free of charge. Recently one of the most exotic terraces has been opened on the 1st floor of the tower. It has recreated the the Mediterranean beauty by placing olive trees, cypresses, lavender and boxwood. It also has a small café which serves refreshments.


The surprising fact is that it has become such a household name around the world that lot of accessories have been created after it like key rings, pen holders, miniature paper holders, etc.