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CN Tower Canada’s National Pride!

Cn towerLocated in the Toronto city of Canada, the CN Tower is a breathtaking architectural and engineering marvel of the world. It is considered as the world’s tallest structure on earth. The CN Tower is a symbol of great pride for Toronto and Ontario residents in Canada. Standing 555.33 meters tall, the CN Tower is a communications and tourist centre. Believe it or not, but more than two million international tourists visit Canada for the sole purpose of seeing the magical splendor called the ‘CN Tower’. It is the signature emblem of the city, bringing in visitors from all over the world.  Its new improved lighting arrangements are designed for architectural enhancement of the structure, which provides awesome and breathtaking night time viewing and illumination. The fear of heights can prove to be a major detriment for those who wish to take the elevator ride to the top of the tower. On a clear day the view from the top is spectacular. At the top, some are gutsy enough to take a stroll across the transparent or see-through glass floor. Hungry visitors can grab a bite at the splendid revolving restaurant at the top floor. This restaurant floor rotates at 360 degrees every 72 hours giving the diners a full view of the city below. The tower is effortlessly accessible from major streets and highways and is close to the Union Station.

Closed only for Christmas, the CN tower is open for the rest 364 days a year. For a lighter dining experience one can chill out at ‘Horizons café’ atop the tower enjoying a similar view. Everything from coffee to sandwiches and pizzas can be obtained from the ‘Marketplace Café’ located at the base of the tower. The LED system installed at the tower is power competent and cost resourceful and offers a number of other benefits like the computer programmed fixtures that can create more than 15 million colours and lighting effects. The LEDs provide light outputs that can be directed in an accurate manner wherein the lighting system doesn’t obtruct the hotels, offices and residential places, at the same time illuminating the tower to create a magical effect. These LEDs require minimum maintainence and substitute electric components like light bulbs. The The CN Tower LED technology is designed to accomplish exceptional performance standards. It has more than ten years of usage capacity and can last for a long time with minimal repairs. This architectural wonder has a programmed lighting system which illuminates the tower after sunset. Honouring the Canadian culture and integrity, the colours are usually red and white. In the past, the tower was also renowned by the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ as the world's tallest building. Completed in 1976, it is the symbol of Canada’s urban life. For the millions of tourists who visit this unique wonder, it is the first sight to greet the eyes and the last thing they can see literally while returning back!

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