Burj Dubai Tower and the other Tallest Buildings in the World.
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Burj Dubai - Will Be The World’s Tallest Structure

The Burj Dubai, also known as Dubai Tower is a skyscraper building in construction stages in the Arab Dubai city of U.A.E.  It will probably be completed at the end of 2008. When it is fully constructed, the Burj Arab building will hold the title of the tallest building or structure in the entire world. The ‘Burj Dubai’ is an integral part of the development known as ‘Downtown Dubai.’ The estimated amount spent on its construction is around 4 billion U.S. Dollars.

burj dubaiCN Tower is at present the tallest free standing tower or structure, Burj Dubai intends to surpass this record with a total of 148 stories and a height of 1,790 feet when completed. While awaiting completion, it has already edged the Taipei 101 which has a height of 1,671 feet. However, it is not officially the tallest structure in the record books as it is still in completion stages. But the final height of the tower is still undisclosed and is rumoured to be more than 2,500 feet above the ground. Then the total number of floors will also rise to around 160 stories. When completed, this grand structure will be one of a kind and probably the tallest structure the world has ever seen. The original plan or design for the building has been redesigned many times, thus the number of architects for the tower are also increasing. The architect for design, Mr. Adrian Smith originally felt that the tower was to have an increase in its height as the proposed top floors did not have the perfect finish and grandeur. The top floors of the structure are rumoured to have a steel finish rather than concrete which has been used for its base work. This type of finish concludes the fact that once completed, the height of the tower cannot be altered again.

The Burj Dubai Tower may have competition from many other mega constructions for the title of the world’s tallest building, the chief among them will be the locally constructed Al Burj Tower, just 50 km away from Burj Dubai. This tower which is developed by Nakheel Properties also has a cloak of mystery surroundings its proposed height.

Burj Dubai’s design being constructed by Samsung Engineering & Construction is greatly influenced by Islam and Islamic architectural works. Set around the central foundation, the tower includes 3 elements, the desert base is flat and it takes a curved spiral model as it rises up. The central piece at the top is designed to create a spire form. The exterior foundation is to be well armored to withstand the extremely hot Gulf temperature. The interior designing is done by Giorgio Armani; a hotel of the same name will take up the lower 35 to 37 floors. 700 private luxury apartments will occupy almost 64 floors of the tower from the 45th to 108th floor. The rest of the floors will have corporate offices and rooms except for an observation deck floor which will take up the 123rd and the 124th floor or lobby. The worlds tallest buildings list will be topped by this great structure. None of the tallest buildings in the United States will compare.


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